Using a EXFOLIATING GLOVES can make your skin feel beautiful, youthful, soft, and glowing. Unlike a regular SCRUBBER, a EXFOLIATING GLOVES will rubs of all your dead skin and prevent you from aging and tanning


1. PREMATURE AGING: Sometimes referred to as “photoaging,” premature aging is the result of unprotected UV exposure. It takes the form of leathery, wrinkled skin, and dark spots.

2. SUN TAN: There is no such thing as a safe tan. The increase in skin pigment, called melanin, which causes the tan color change in your skin is a sign of damage.


1. Helps In Removing Dead Cells: Dead cells make your skin look dull and tired. Why let them build up on the layers of your skin? Scrub them off with a gentle scrub.

2. Adds Glow To Skin: Exfoliation can actually make your skin glow. Soak rice in milk for two hours. Then grind it into a paste and scrub your face to get glowing skin in no time.

3.Dark Patches: Do you know that scrubbing could even help in removing dark patchy skin? Add a spoon of yogurt to a spoon of crushed walnuts. Use this scrub twice a week to get desired results. It is especially effective on knuckles, elbows and knees.

4. Removes Acne Scars: Exfoliation helps in doing away with acne scars. Prepare a basic scrub using two spoons of baking soda and a spoon of water. Make a paste and use it on your face to treats the ugly marks left behind by acne.

5. others: Treatment of oil and dirt
-Smoother skin
-Less or no breakouts
-Decrease the appearance of black spots.
-Minimize the appearance of large pores
-Better, knees and lighter elbows
-Allows moisturizers to work
-Prevent ingrown hair
-Makes hair removal easier
-Smooths razor bumps
-Stimulates blood circulation.


Details: These gloves gently scrub your body squeaky clean while the textured nylon helps remove dry skin for healthier-looking, more beautiful skin.
Directions: Wet and apply body wash. Massage over body.
Use: any cream, oil, shower gel or soup as per your preference.
Care Instructions: Rinse and air dry.


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